Friday, June 02, 2006

Got my Lap top back!

My Precioussss

Things that have pissed me off, and made me smile, while I was away...

Ticketmaster and RHCP
Smog Smog everywhere Smog - and they're still idleing their cars... (when are people going to start to care?)
Life is changing, and Im Making it change
A new Abu Ghraib - why didnt you listen when Amnesty Int. showed you?
Court's is working with Linda... YEAHHHHH - now hurry back!
Angelina has had 'the baby' - now we can move on to J-Lo (oh yay)
Does anybody hear me?????
Is there anybody out there???

at least 'American Idol' is over.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

I'm in love with Eddie Vedder

Found these online...... and I'm OBSESSED.

ah, is there room for both of us?
both of us apart?
are we bound out of obligation?
is that all we've got?
i get the words, and then i get to thinkin'
i don't wanna think, i wanna feeland how do i feel?
and how do i...if you're the only one, will i never be enough?
hail, hail the lucky ones, i refer to those in love
swore i'd love you till the day i die, and beyond..are we going to the same place? if so, can i come?
it's egg rolling thick and heavy
all the past you carry
oh, i could be new... you underestimate me
if you're the only one, will i never be enough?
hail, hail the lucky ones, i refer to those in love
i sometimes realize i could only be as good as you'll le tme
are you woman enough to be my man?
bandaged hand in hand
i find it on the run in a race that can't be won
all hail the lucky ones, i refer to those in love
if you're my only one, so could you only one?
i want to be your one, enough...
you won, your one, your hun

Hail, Hail

Monday, May 01, 2006

Dear Life:

I've been slapped sufficiently - thank you.


Tuesday, April 04, 2006 /

Finally have a new design on the old Jewelry site.
I've taken off the old ordering system - due to the fact that I was getting more people ripping off my designs then buying them.

Get your own creativity ya bastards.

So - yeah, anyway - new design - finally.
You can tell Ive had a lot more time on my hands lately.

I'll try and keep the pics rotating - but Im not there yet - two and only two on there now.
Don't forget the Swarovski Crystalizing - damn its gorgeous - it may be a phone to other people... but I can make it a real ACCESSORY!

And - Thanks to Bonnie and Lori - Ive been creating new pieces!

I hadn't made or designed anything new since.... well... at least last NOVEMBER - They got me going... and Ive been going since.

Only Bracelettes and Rings for some reason (so far) - but I always seem to go that way ;-)


Later y'all..........

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Its a real Cobain week around here

I just read that Courtney is looking to sell 25% of her share in Nirvana.

Ive heard this before, and it was a scary rumour - involving the company she was "in talks" of selling this to - being Martha Stewart Omni-media.

Lets hope that this rumour was a pile of shit. (the Martha part - mostly)

Though I don't believe her claims in it being just too much to handle, and she needs help -- I am QUITE sure that she already has someone lined upt that she would like to be in cahoots with regarding her Nirvana share and all its legs.

Also - seems that C.Lo has been working on a new album (fukin about time) and... this made me VERY excited - she has been writting with Linda Perry herself (yayyy!)

As Courtney has always said that she needs someone with her when she writes (Poor Eric- he really did ground her, and take a TONNE of shit from her!) I think that Linda could be an amazng pairing.

Lets just hope she keeps herself fuckin clean - for always - and doesnt pull some no it all (and ABSOLUTELY NOTHING) dick into the studio to produce! (yeah Barber, Im talking to you).

Keep clean Courtney - Kick ass women are needed in rock right now.

(Im trying desperately NOT to think of the Kurt doll right now - possitive vibes, possitive vibes)

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

You're in the hospital for a week, and the world spins on without you

I used to listen to "Within you Without you" over and over again, until I got it.
I used to listen to "While my guitar gently weeps" until I cried too - but neither of these have anything to do with what happend to me a few weeks ago - well, kinda.

I was recovering (at home) watching SNL - with Natalie Portman (I think she is just fab, besides that she IS Padome ;-).

ANYWAY - they do the regular thing where they tell everyone who is going to be on the show for the next week.... and I hear the "musical guest" name = "Artic Monkeys".

WTF - Ive never heard of them!
Ive only been out of the "loop" for a week - then the sudden realization: WHAT THE FUCK ELSE HAVE I MISSED??????

well, not only have I missed the quick rise to the eye of Artic Monkeys - but, it seems that Sigur Ros is coming to MASSEY HALL for shit sakes (of course - sold out).

and - I dont even know how to begin with this one:

Nirvana's frontman immortalized in plastic.
announced with our Toy Fair coverage, NECA will be introducing some of the most influential rock and
roll stars as collectible action figures this year. One such legend is the
late-great frontman of the grunge act Nirvana: Kurt Cobain. The figure captures
Cobain as he appeared in the hit video "Smells Like Teen Spirit" and is slated
to rock out stores this June.

Maybe its the fact that its 3am, but I find myself oddly disturbed by this. I also think that anyone that has truely listened to anything Kurt has written, would tend to think he, himself, would be quite fuckin PISSED.

Is this whole possibility not part of what brought him to his self induced demise???

He's now a doll????

I understand, collectors are collectors. As a music fanatic, I GET that having a collection of musicians/bands could be a cool collection - for some.

However - there is something so TRUELY VILE about a Kurt Cobain "action figure".

(Its a fuckin doll, no matter what you want to sacarine coat it with)

Why, why why why. It really disappoints me that Courtney had something to do with this - being broke is one thing. Being broke and working your way out of it another.

Selling your husbands suicide in a doll - is fuckin wrong.

And, believe it or not, Im a big Courtney fan - just dont expect me to cow-tow - I dont do lip-service. No matter how much I wish you would get your shit back together and rock the Britney's out of this world....... Right now, I mostly wish you would just get your fuckin shit together - and stop selling off your husband to pay for your rehab and hotel bills.

You cant help but think though - after thinking that he would be pissed - that this wouldnt surprise Kurt, not in the slightest. There is the biggest "eye-roll" ever, going on wherever he is now.

Monday, March 20, 2006

My Kitties

A couple of pics I took - just hangin out.

Please ignore Zoe's dirty nose and eye gunk - she's normally the lady of the house.

Also = please don't let her know about the "Post-Yawn" pic - she would be quite emberassed and maybe even a little pissed at me...

Ladies and Gentlemen - my Z-Bowie:

THE Queen:

Baby Boy:

I am not the crazy cat-lady.

not that I have a large "fan base" or anything....

but I thought I would just write so that this space doesnt look like Ive DIED during the big S.

I made it, was an EXCRUSIATING SIX DAYS in the hospital. T.O. Gen was great to me (besides the odd nurse whaking her palm against my broken ribs - then - plying me with MORPHINE to shut me up).

Everything is healing well, which is super great - Had a bit of a problem with my blood / iron etc. A pint of blood later, and a whole bunch of meds, I'm feeling better and had my first Euchre game on the weekend ;-)

The blood thing made me SO tired, that I actually missed a couple episodes of The Hour.
Yeah - but its ok - Im not a stalker - I got over it pretty quickly ;-)

For someone who can't stand those stupid half smiley faces, I sure fuckin use them a lot.

I should search for an interesting pic or something to add, shouldnt I?

This post feels so incredibly boring, not like me - well, the regular me.

I must be starting to feel better if this is noticable huh? hehee

well, Im rambleing - yet another sign.

I'll be back - hopefully with something bigger and better - its time for my opnions to start coming back - Im not (or, shouldnt be as, hopefully) so pre-occupied with the big S anymore, and ......... most importantly (right?)

IM OK!!!!!!!!!! :-) I MADE IT!!!!

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